2013 Upcoming Events


  •  Colt Starting Clinic – TBA

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  • Ranch Roping Clinic – TBA                   

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Colt Starting Clinics are designed to give individuals the fundamentals needed to start their own colts successfully using natural horsemanship methods.  Dusty Roller is a great teacher, with both people and horses.  Living life on a true working cattle ranch, training a number colts in different stages, and personally attending training clinics of some of the top horsemen in the country, have all contributed to Dusty developing his own unique colt starting program.  Each clinic is different and exciting in their own way due to each individual horse and student attending the clinics. Fundamentals taught at clinics will include:
–Keeping horses soft, supple, balanced, responsive and willing
–Ground work, both in round pen and on halter and lead
–Desensitizing, exposing colts to stick and flag
–Freeing horses up
–Lateral flexing
–First ride
–Riding while flagging
–How to finish colts first couple of rides


Ranch Roping Clinics  When the term ranch roping is used, someone is referring to a style that is used in the pasture to doctor sick cattle, or in a branding trap.  This type of roping is often used by everyday ranchers and buckaroos.  A great reason to learn ranch roping is that exciting and fast growing Ranch Roping competitions are starting to pop up all over the Northwest.  In competitions you are scored by a combination of horsemanship skills, cattle handling, and the style of shots and loops thrown.  In the Running O Ranch Roping Clinic we will work on many different throws which can be used both in real ranch life situations as well as in the competitive world.  Shots that will be taught are the Side-Arm, Houlihan, Backhand, Scoop Loop, and the regular Overhead shot.  In ranch roping a slick horn is used, which is a horn that is covered in mule hide.  The mule hide allows you to let your rope run so you don’t jerk the bovine or your horse. Over the course of the clinic we will also address many different ways to handle cattle in situations you might find yourself out in the open.

This clinic is very educational and will cover a lot of different material including proper tack, horsemanship skills, cattle knowledge and ranch roping.

Most importantly… whatever skill level you or your horse may be at, this clinic is going to be a ton of fun!